Maker Faire

The Wikimedia-SF meetup group is once again organizing a booth for Maker Faire, that delightful ensemble of participatory art, Burning man hacks, steampunk and DIY culture that happens every year in San Mateo. This year the Faire is May 30 and 31 (weekend after next!)

We are seeking people to help out with the booth, but I also need ideas:

  • For visualizations that could be run on the computers (for instance, in the past we’ve run IRC recent changes feeds; cycled through Commons images or project homepages; displayed random articles from a selection of languages).
  • For posters/signs that can be hung in the booth. We don’t have room for such a large projector display this year, but I want something that will be eyecatching. Ideas are needed ASAP so I can get something made up.
  • Ideas for a participatory display/project. Possibilities including “learn how to edit” (where we have a sandbox and markup cheatsheet displayed); some sort of “photos needed” station for Commons; or “guess the image” with a selection of bizarre images from Commons (in the vein of my favorite flyer). We need better ideas, clearly.

Please help us out, fellow Wikimedians and others! Here’s the Signpost article I wrote up last year about the event.We will also be next to the excellent WikiHow, who wanted to go with a general wiki theme for our whole complex (“wikis: so easy even a 13 year old troll can edit”, etc.)

This event is a ton of fun, and if you’re in the area and interested I strongly encourage you to either volunteer with us, or just stop by and visit when you attend the Faire! If you want to help out, please sign up here. You can also leave ideas on that page.

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