Digital Open contest for youth: closing soon!

The Digital Open is a contest and community to encourage young innovators (age 17 and under) to develop, share and showcase their ideas for free & libre technology projects. The online contest will give prizes in categories such as open code projects, open community projects, science projects, environmental projects, games, entrepreneurial projects, and more: see already submitted projects here.

The contest only runs for two more weeks! The deadline is August 1st. By submitting a project, you become part of an international community of young innovators; and the judging panel (which I am on) features some internationally known free culture advocates. Collaboration on projects is encouraged!

Go here to sign up; and if you know a young person interested in free software & free culture, or who is working on a cool project, please encourage them to submit it soon.

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  1. Robin says:

    Just a little note – the first link goes to the wrong URL:, it should be

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