wikimania, glory

Things to love about this year’s Wikimania:

  • incredible social areas, a hacking area & the upstairs sofas with coffee and snacks and power
  • beautiful swag– a bag, a book and a tshirt; with wonderful designs
  • simultaneous translation and a bilingual conference
  • a great hotel for attendees
  • volunteer moderators in the sessions
  • the fabulous cool weather
  • wifi everywhere, which seems to be working atm

I know how hard this is, to run a good conference; many, many congratulations to the organizers.

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  3. James F. says:

    Yes, really fantastic. Every Wikimania the organisers manage to make it a really impressive event, but this time it’s really great. I just worry for the future organisers, who have had the bar raised even higher. 🙂

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