oh boy

controversy over school libraries comes to my former hometown.


what I like best from the original news story:
“A group calling itself Parents Protecting the Minds of Children was formed last week, at Taylor’s suggestion, to help rid the libraries of sexually provocative material.” (Fayetteville, Ar).

Protecting their minds… from thinking?

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3 Responses to oh boy

  1. randomdreams says:

    I really, really hate the new parental censorship movements because they seem to be winning a lot of scary battles lately.
    Some time you should read Places I Never Meant To Be edited by Judy Blume: a collection of short children’s stories by authors that have been censored and had their works removed from libraries. It’s some seriously brilliant work.

  2. docsrock says:

    The easiest way to protect their minds is with bubble wrap and duct tape.

  3. randomdreams says:

    Unfortunately, parents seem to prefer welding goggles and earplugs…

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