Ah, California

Overheard last night:

Waitress: Like, I totally forgot to ask if you wanted change. It was only, like, a couple of bucks. Is that, like, ok?
Customer, out of earshot of waitress: Ohmigod, totally tacky!

Young teenage girl in bookstore #1 (referring to, I think, The OC): So, like, the second time I watched the second season, I totally didn’t like it that much —
Young teenage girl in bookstore #2, chiming in: But, like, the first season…
Young teenage girls in chorus: Was, like, totally, the best thing in the entire world! Ohmigod!
Young teenage girl #1: I totally just, like, sat in my room every day and watched it!

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  1. goamaki says:

    *snicker snicker.

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