oh, teh sundays

Good: Holiday weekend!

Bad: Memorial Day already ohcrapohdearohnoes not enough time to finish conference planning ahhh

Good: lovely weather!

Bad: it is teh hot out (for just about the first time this year, shockingly), and I am not handling it very well. Hello, sweat and headaches and lethargy and air conditioning bills, I did not miss you.

Good: Maker Faire and my dad visiting last week was a blast!

Bad: Both are over and I must focus on work now, oh well.

Good: I am shopping for a new shiny computer!

Bad: this is because two machines and my nice monitor died this week, grr.

Good: plans for WikiSym are coming along nicely! Early registration closes this weekend — register to-day!

Bad: holy crap never volunteer to chair a conference, people; it is one of the most anxiety-producing things I can imagine doing, besides skydiving or something. Only benefit: about ten people have volunteered to buy me a drink afterwards, so at least when it’s over I’ll be in a nice drunken stupor.

Good: Babies! Welcome to the world, baby Soren and Baby Nils! You are beautiful boys born to beautiful moms.

Bad: There is nothing bad about this except I don’t get to meet either one for a while.

Good: Wikimedia is awesome! I am doing lots of interesting things!

Bad: I am stressed out about actually following through on all these things.

Good: work is interesting and cool right now! We are hiring a new University Librarian! (head cheese, boss of my boss). And I am helping put on lots of programs! And I’m in charge of making plans for open access week this fall! And we are transitioning to a new (better?) monographs ordering system!

Bad: see above re: conference planning. This stuff is all well and good but I do not have time for this right now.

Good: In two short months this will all be over, it will be summer, and I will have at least a few lazy weeks in which I can do super-glamorous things like clean my office and make up class materials for fall teaching. Both of which I am really looking forward to, distressingly.

Bad: aaaahhhhhhhhhhh

Happy Memorial Day, everyone!

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