Apparently one of my credit card numbers was stolen last month. That puts the bottle of “natural male potency enhancer” that I got in the mail the other day in a whole new light — I thought it was simply a prank that one of my friends pulled, but now I am thinking that it’s spamming taken to a whole new level.

Other charges include a florist in London and a World of Warcraft membership. My friend Pharos thinks these might be connected: perhaps someone wanted to apologize to their sweetie for playing WoW on their anniversary.

This is yet another reason to check one’s statements, which I am terrible about doing on a regular basis. Confusingly, I was actually in London in the semi-recent past and so I didn’t pay much attention to that charge, though I sure don’t remember buying anyone flowers (maybe I should have done, and things would have gone better). Bank of America gets half credit for their response: they clearly knew they’d gotten a bunch of numbers hacked, because they reissued a new card without me asking; but they didn’t catch the fraudulent charges either. And I don’t seem to have gotten the new card yet, so now I have no account at all. Oh well. It wasn’t very much money; we’ll see if I can get it refunded or not.

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    testing some more

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    wooooooooooooooo does it work?

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