over and outta here

Ok. So in +- an hour, I’m out of here, to Sacramento… things are more or less packed, as packed as they’re gonna get. Snacks. Books on tape. Computer (shortly). Some clothes, and shoes even if I can find my other sandal.

I’m not getting too uptight about this trip. Actually signing on an apt. worries me more. Checks? check. Presence of mind? debatable.
The squeaky noise turned out to be a bad wheel bearing (duh, I thought to myself — I’ve heard bad wheel bearings before; that’s exactly what they sound like). So, this was good, ’cause it’s relatively cheap to fix and is not a mission-critical failure (the brakes, for instance, are just fine, brand new even). The reason there was a bad wheel bearing is a little less pretty, though; the car had been in a wreck earlier in its life on the back corner, from which all the parts were replaced. The previous owners thought the car was fine afterwards. However, apparently the back wheel is torqued just so — it’s not straight up and down anymore, and hence rubs against the tires and the bearings. The bearings will keep going bad if I just let it go. This is a frame shop issue, and not an immediate one (like I said, not a mission-critical failure) — but it’s irritating to me, because Honda’s are unibody and hence this whole thing is a giant pain in the ass. It’s also a pain because it’s a structural flaw that is not readily apparent; *maybe* a mechanic would have noticed if I’d taken the car in for an inspection, but aren’t they supposed to rotate the tires and such in regular services? Surely they would have noticed then.

I don’t know what to think. Moral of the story: don’t buy a car that’s been in a wreck, no matter how small the wreck or how clean the car.

Anyway, I’m glad I figured it out before the long trip down, and I’m glad that it wasn’t a safety issue, and I’m glad it was under $300. I told J. though that if there’s one more mechanical issue before the month is out, I’m giving up on this vehicle.

So anyhow. I’m gonna do my best to find some internets, but it probably won’t be until I get down to Davis. I will have my phone if anyone needs to get in touch. Anyone on the way who wants a visit on the way back, email 🙂

And, of course, the reason for this trip: I finally got the official letter so can announce it publicly. For those of you who missed the first announcement, I was offered and accepted a job at the University of California — Davis, in the Physical Sciences and Engineering Library. I’ll be a reference/instruction/collection development librarian, full time, starting Nov. 1st.

Ack!!! So, this trip’s mission is to find a place to live. Hopefully I’ll succeed, or I’ll have to start a new blog: the cardboard box librarian.


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2 Responses to over and outta here

  1. apeacefulworld says:

    Maybe we just get a spot at the local trailer park and put this there. It is perfect for the cardboard librarian.


    It is about the cost of a rental apartment in Davis for 3 years ($1000/month)
    $35,000! When did cardboard prices go up? I think an apartment would be cheaper and would hopefully have A/C!

  2. randomdreams says:

    woot! new job and in an ENGINEERING library. I’m quite envious!

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