sunshine and miscellanea, part 2 (aka not dead!)

1) I’m sitting outside in downtown Davis at a restaurant that serves up vegetarian crepes and wireless in about equal proportions. Yum! It’s sunny out (with that glorious California sun that seems slightly manufactured; nothing could be this clear, this brightly yellow, I think they ship it in from Hollywood myself) and coolish (pants, shoes, a light sweater in the shade)* and breezy/windy. It’s lovely.

2) I went driving yesterday from here to Napa on a crazy little two lane road up into the mountains (and past a large source of nuts in the country). It took forever and was absolutely, stunningly beautiful. It’s one of those roads that you will DIE on if you take your hands off the wheel, though; I grew up in mountainous Arkansas, and I still thought this road was insane. It reminded me a lot of the drives that I used to take through Southern California up in the hills when I was bored**, what with the hills and curves and sweeping views. It also made me wish that I had ‘s old Acura — you know, the one with the racing suspension and fat tires that he always said he wanted to put safety harnesses in so that it could be driven properly. My car doesn’t have the best handling, thanks to alignment issues, although I felt sorrier for the SUV’s behind me.

The Napa valley is as beautiful as everyone says; the hills are rounded, softly brown with long rows of grapes. They remind one, almost inevitably, of somnolent bosoms, row on row of them. I wasn’t terribly impressed with the town of Napa itself (Davis is nicer, and less pretentious) but I’d like to spend more time exploring the valley itself.

It was my intention to go on to the coast (perhaps to Bodega Bay, but it was getting dark and I didn’t want to spend the money on a place to stay, so I returned (with a brief spate of getting lost in Vallejo) on the freeway, which took a third of the time that the little road did. Which I suppose is why they build freeways.

I was disappointed that I didn’t make it to the ocean, but there are other weekends and other trips. There’s a lot to explore in this area that I’ve never seen: I’ve never been to Yosemite (which caused my landlord to have fits, when he found out); I’ve never explored most of the northern california coast; I’ve never spent much time in the city. If everything weren’t so damn far apart in this part of the world, it would be easier, but there are many adventures ahead.

3) I still don’t have wireless, which is forcing me to do other things. Currently I’m reading Tom Jones, which is an 18th century comic novel by Fielding (glorious), and gingerly thinking of starting (to teach myself) drawing again. I’m also working on an essay about textual studies and wikis; suggestions***, ideas or resources are welcome.

4) I have to go home soon for an interesting reason — a woman is coming by to pick up a package that got misdelivered to my house. The label says it’s from Analog Devices, which is an electronics component manufacturer; I didn’t think much of it except that it was to someone at Coldwell Banker. But when I called , the woman said she wanted to get it this weekend, as it contained antibiotics that she needed asap. ??? I wonder what the story is.

5) Miss called me last night, and when I didn’t pick up my phone in time left like a five-minute message recording the Beck show that she was at. I am so, so jealous, especially since it was apparently an impromptu thing.

6) I know all the reasons about why daylight savings is a bad idea, but I’m still a fan when it gives me an extra hour of sleep in the morning. Hurrah!

*This is called “winter” here and “late spring weather” everywhere else.
**Approx. one year before this livejournal began.
***”Can you find anything more dorky to write about”? is acceptable as a suggestion, although it’s really more of a comment.

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  1. biznamshiznit says:

    Glad you liked the phone call!

    I’ve never been to Yellowstone either. We should go together!

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