This year’s WikiConference schedule is shaping up nicely! Here are some of the events coming up:

  • RecentChangesCamp Canberra Jan. 28-30. See more information. This is the first non-North American RCC, and it’s due to the persistence and hard work of Laura Hale; I encourage all my Australian friends to go.
  • RecentChangesCamp BostonMarch 11-13, at Wentworth. See the invitation. Nicole Willson and team helped put this awesome conference together.
  • Wikimedia Chapters meetingMarch 27-29, in Berlin. This is a invitation-only business meeting for Wikimedia Chapter leaders; I’ll be there as part of the concurrent Foundation board meeting, so I include it for completeness. Can’t wait to go back to Berlin.
  • MediaWiki developers hackathon — sometime in May, Berlin. It was decided to move the developers meetup away from the chapters conference due to the popularity of both; stay tuned.
  • Wikimania 2011August 4-7 in Haifa (with Developers meetup Aug. 2-3, and chapters meetup Aug 3). Hooray! Wikimania is coming up and is better than ever. Find out more information here. Deadline: the deadline to apply for a scholarship is Jan. 31.
  • WikiSym 2011October 3-5 in Mountain View, CA. I am very pleased to help announce that this year’s WikiSym will be held at Microsoft Research, under the capable leadership of Felipe Ortega and Andrea Forte. Find out more info here. Deadline: the deadline for paper submission is April 1. See the call for papers.

This calendar leaves off all sorts of wiki-related events, meetups, etc., as well as the conferences for other wiki engines — comments about big upcoming events would be welcome.

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