If you are now or have ever been a contributor to a Wikimedia project — Wikipedia, Wiktionary, etc. — did you get a welcome message on your talk page when you started? Do you remember it? What was it like? And did it make you want to stick around as a contributor? If so, or not, why?

(I do mine, and it did; it was short and to the point and led me into a little discussion about grammar with my welcomer. I was kind of a jerk about it, but they (an editor who sadly left the project not long after) were kind enough to walk me through best practice. Then later someone else recommended a topic for me to work on, and pointed me to Wiktionary. It was nice, and gave me the impression there were real, quirky people behind the project. This was all pre-templates, to date myself.)

If you edit another wiki that has a practice of welcoming, I’d be interested in that too.

I know there has been much speculation on this topic over the years — but I’m interested in personal responses (as well as the small amount of research that has been done on this).

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  1. elya says:

    Hi, I suppose it was too early for me in 2003 (de.wp) to experience even a non-template welcome message – at that time a „be bold“ was sufficient to start. However, I’m convinced that it’s much nicer to receive a personal message with a couple of precise links that help me with my first steps rather than one of those monster templates with 100 guidelines to learn by heart before I’m allowed to write a line … however, it’s clear that such a practice does not scale very well.

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