fangsgiving *

Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful. I cooked, with much help. It was just the right size for a fangsiving dinner: four people, casual, saturday evening, coincidental that we were all there at the same time and yet so grand that we all were. We walked around C.’s crazy apartment complex and watched Harry Potter (2) afterwards. We also bought our meats pre-cooked from Whole Foods, which, seriously, if you’re not going to have ten people over it’s the only way to go. Instead of cooking fowl, I contented myself with making knock-out pies.

things we had to drink:
martinis, wine, and sparkling cider

things we had to eat:
martini olives
cranberry sauce, flavored with orange and kumquat (I always buy a few kumquats when I see them; they’re so cute, but I never really know what to do with them. Thus, into the cranberry sauce they went. They didn’t seem to have hurt it and may have given it a slight tropical flavor).
green salad with multiple ripe avocados and balsamic vinegarette (oh my god YUM — hurrah for california and cheap avocados)
smashed potatoes with rosemary, courtesy of chelle
steamed asparagus, courtesy of chelle
rolls, courtesy of whole foods
flavored turkey (apricot & rosemary, I think?) and some salmon, also courtesy of whole foods
gravy, ditto

whipped cream, to go on top of the pies:
pumpkin — yummy
apple — not actually eaten until the next day in the car on the drive home, when it was delicious
and the star of the show: one of the best key lime pies I have ever had, let alone made. Not to brag or anything. It’s the real key limes that do the trick. Otherwise, unbelievably easy.
Recipe for key lime pie: 1 can sweetened condensed milk, 1/2 cup real key lime juice, couple teaspoons lime zest. Mix and refrigerate, after spooning into homemade graham cracker crust, which consists of the exotic ingredients of butter, sugar and crushed graham crackers. Bake crust until crunchy before filling, which will set because of magic. How can this be so easy? And yet so good? It goes against all my principles; the recipe sounds too betty-crockerish. But we ate it ALL. If you’re all on top of it, you can add a couple eggs and bake a la lemon meriengue, which will make it set better. But who needs setting better? it tastes grand.

It was super fun to cook, and make pie crust, and nothing went wrong. Hurrah.

I like thanksgiving. A lot. It’s one of my preferred holidays. Some day, when I have the houseroom and lots of friends around, I will have to throw a 30-person dinner or something rediculous. Just because.

*apologies to sj.

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