feel like flying

Right here, right now
There is no other place I’d want to be

Sometimes driving a red convertible that is not your own around is just the thing to do.

It was a great weekend. Last night we went up to Whidbey, around, and then this morning up 90 into the mountains and went for a small hike somewhere near North Bend and greasy french fries in North Bend. Of course we put the top down as long as we could stand it. I pretended I was Greta Garbo; J. pretended he was a yuppie. Some things we saw: a huge orange moon and strange, dozen foot long seaweed on the beach; green ferns in the woods and clear lakes and almost (but not quite) snow. We played hours of scrabble at the friends’ house on the island, and then talked each other into driving around to Deception pass instead of going home sanely on the ferry. Last night, Deception Pass: there we are at midnight, pulled off the highway, completely freezing, standing on an unfamiliar high bridge, watching the Sound roll through. It was eerie and heady and beautiful.

So far this new year is worlds upon worlds better than last year. So far, it’s only been up.

Right here, right now
watching the world wake up from history.

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  1. bosstweed says:

    Congrats on a good start to your year. Sounds like some lovely times. 🙂

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