we’re back

After a long winter and spring away, I am back online. Not that I ever really left, but I had this site down for a while after my wordpress install got hacked. I couldn’t bring myself to clean it up at the time of the hacking, so just took the site offline instead, and there it has sat until today when I was sick and had an afternoon to kill. The arc of my to-do list is long, but it bends towards productivity.

Anyway, let me know if my blog starts trying to sell you viagra or cigarettes or anything. Thanks to Sage R. for discovering it in the first place.

What have I been doing with myself? Library-ing, mostly. Some Wikipedia-ing, though mostly as an editor, which is delightful. Combining the two, occasionally. Discovering and participating in the ultra-cool Wikidata as it hatches out into the world. Not too much travel…. except for those two trips around my birthday and Christmas (I always try to crash library conferences for my birthday, don’t you?), and don’t forget that I always have a good scheme up my sleeve for the future. I’ve been exercising and trying to eat less, and then procrastinating on exercising and eating the same amount, then back to trying (you know, as you do). I’ve been half-heartedly shopping for a house but getting nowhere, because this is California, and I don’t know who can afford to buy around here but it’s not me. And as ever I’ve a long list of ideas to write about percolating away. In other words not all that much has changed. I have been on a pretty even keel day to day, week to week, which is probably a good thing.

For this moment, though, here is what I’m doing: I want to shake this sore throat. I’m re-watching Veronica Mars. I’m thinking about cleaning the house before my dear friend Echo visits in a couple weeks (note that I’m thinking about it, not doing it). I’m reflecting on the things I learned at ACRL (datadatadata). I’m trying not to think too much about Boston, or any of the other tragedies in the world that mark our days. I’m enjoying my bicycle. I’ve been eating strawberries and asparagus and artichokes like they are going out of style, and for once, the weather in Davis is completely delightful. Happy Spring.


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