presentation clinic?

Have you ever run a presentation workshop/clinic at a conference? Or have you ever wished that such a service was available to you? If so, I want to hear from you:

I’ve been toying around with the idea of running such a workshop at Wikimania for many years, but this year I think I may have the resources to organize such a thing. I’m not really sure how to frame the format, though. One on one sessions with as many experienced presenters as I can round up? A many to many session, where people critique each other? A round-table discussion and demo session about best practices?

I am not a genius presenter, but I’m a pretty ok one. Most of my advice is commonplace: stand up straight, address the audience, don’t overload your slides. But I know, both from personal experience, having had to learn how to give a talk through trial and error, and from talking to many other people, that giving a Wikimania presentation can be especially tough: You’re in front of your peers, who know as much or more than you do; you’re probably presenting in a second or third language, to folks who also aren’t native speakers; and you’re undoubtedly jetlagged as all hell.

I also know — or suspect, anyway — that a presenter can gain a lot of confidence from simply giving a dry run in front of an audience of a few folks, or from thinking about delivery for a few minutes. And that’s what I’d like to do: give a venue for those who are nervous to practice or gain information, and help make the process of presenting more enjoyable and fun for everyone. We all really, really want to learn from each other — that’s the point of Wikimania. So let’s make that process smoother.

If you have any feedback or ideas at all, please let me know here or on the talk page of the submission. Thanks!



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