The X80 all-purpose blog post*

*Idea and title inspired by the fabulous Wondermark, whose cards you should buy

I have not written

a blog post in a few months, which makes it hard to get going again. When you take time off of what is essentially a self-referential project, picking it back up means you have to decide on what to reflect on — what are all the other things you won’t write about? What won’t you share, process, sculpt til it fits in the space of half a page and your memory? Looking outward: from a busy few weeks, what of all the ideas considered and projects discussed will you take the time to explore? What must you, what can’t you?

To solve this dilemma, I hearby present the X80 all-purpose blog post. Please tick the box as appropriate.


Personal and introspection

[ ] In which I complain mightily about my inability to stick with an exercise program, my pleasure at having actually done so earlier in the year, and include a few somewhat hackneyed feminist reflections on body image and how much work it is to keep up with being healthy.

[ ] In which I break everyone’s heart by talking about my long-dead mother and how you never really forget, etc.

[ ] All about how I really like Christmas despite being a committed atheist and why is that, exactly? (Spoiler: see mother). Bonus reflections on one of the best Christmasses of my adult life, which involved an impromptu and ridiculous long weekend in London. Never stop believing, Victorian role-players.

[ ] I have been daydreaming about quitting everything and moving to a new city and spending my days writing a book. Does that make me a bad person?

Arts and entertainment

[ ] It’s the end of the year! Must be time for a list of favorite albums of the year. It will take me a while to figure out what is actually new and what I only just discovered that’s from like 2010, which makes me feel uncool, so I will pad out the list with awesome things that I recently found. (Deltron 3030, everyone!)

[ ] It’s the end of the year! Must be time for a list of favorite television shows/movies of the year. Spoiler: it was a crappy year for movies. I have been on a roll with discovering amazing TV shows, though. This is probably bad for me. Who cares. TV is cool again thanks to Netflix et al. Yeah!

[ ] It’s the end of the year! Must be time for a list of favorite books of the year. Wait, scratch that, I mostly re-read golden age mysteries this year thanks to bittorrenting all of Agatha Christie’s oeuvre. That makes me feel like a horrible literature-degree having person. Sigh. More television to console myself.

[ ] Cooking! I have been experimental-cooking like a crazy person, as everyone who is my Facebook friend knows to their regret. In which I discuss my favorite recipes and show off pictures of what I made. Everything was delicious. I’m not very picky, it turns out. Though I do just want you to know I have pears baking in brandy in the oven RIGHT NOW. (The rest of the brandy may explain this whole blog post.)


[ ] This is a fulsome category with many things that I probably should be writing about, to show that I am seriously thinking about them. Which I am. So I will write a list of the many things that I have been doing or thinking about, which will make me seem busier than I am but also may explain some anxiety.

[ ] A serious post about epistemology and encyclopedia writing that will bore everyone to tears.

[ ] A post about the things I have noticed while working on several sister projects this fall. Also, notes on things I think we should concentrate on in Wikipedia.

[ ] A post that collects my thoughts on libraries and Wikimedia projects. Two great tastes that go great together, is what I’m saying.

[ ] A semi-generic but possibly inspirational post about movement leadership.


[ ] A tricky category. Here is where I will write a blog post with heavily veiled references to our on-going reorganization, which I will then laugh off by telling some funny story about an encounter at the reference desk.

[ ] I am very tired this week and I didn’t really realize why until I wrote a final report on some projects and realized that I have given a ton of talks and other stuff this quarter and the quarter is only ten weeks long. So no wonder. Sheesh.


[ ] Much like conversations with one’s father when they get stalled out for lack of any real shared reference point and the distance weighs heavily, this post will be about the weather. I love winter, except that it’s not really done properly in California, except for that cold snap we had last week. Brr! I’m sure glad I’m not a citrus grower. Aren’t you?

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