I don’t think I would ever get tired of vacation. I have been on long extended vacations before; some people get tired of such enforced idleness, a lack of structure. As do I, of course; I start to miss work and pressure; I crave a little stress in order to function properly. But the thing is, I’m rarely completely idle; certainly not on a vacation like this, where I have internet connectivity and all my books around. I always have projects to work on. What I like about vacation is the chance to spend more than a few minutes at a time on things that deeply interest me, things that would be frivolous at any other time (papercraft! reading about coral reefs!) and that in fact are frivolous, in that they don’t relate to work (directly) or school (directly) or otherwise feeding and clothing oneself (directly) but that are, indeed, the things that matter.


I am in All City listening to the sirens (wooooooooooeeeeeeeeeerrrrrwoooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeerrr) and the jazz on the stereo and j. clicking away on his laptop across from me. There is nothing here that I couldn’t have at home except for the excellent coffee and watching the people and listening to the trains and, well, the city, and my home, such as it is.

Things are fine, and we had a good xmas and a good boxing day, both low-key, punctuated by a building potluck which was excellent, and seeing pts 1 & 2 of LOTR at home and Good Night and Good Luck (which is excellent) at the theatre. I feel a little guilty about not being with my family, but oh well. It sounded like a low-key year there as well, everyone left pretty early (and my pseudo-stepmother whom I have occasionally tense relations with was there) — perhaps a good year to skip, all things considered.

To do this week: finish poking away at research proposal I’m working on; pt 3 of LOTR (what happens?! no spoilers now!); Casanova in the theatre (which both J. and I keep calling Casablanca, which is pretty fucking funny if you think about it); book-shopping at Elliot Bay (!); finishing an article on wp; finishing Wuthering Hieghts (which is depressing, and which somehow I’ve managed to never read); and, you know, hanging out with people. And figuring out something to do for new year’s. And walking a lot, to walk off all the xmas cookies.

It’s a hard, hard life.

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  1. bosstweed says:

    It’s a hard, hard life.

    Yes, yes it is. Frustrating when people don’t understand that.

    I like the new journal name. 🙂

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