resurgent endearment*

My dreams have been full of pirates lately. Space pirates — we’ve been watching Firefly. J. woke me up this morning with coffee, as he often does when I’m here and sleeping in: “yaarr” he said. “Coffee pirates!”

There’s nothing better than coffee pirates. I got j. pirate tape for xmas. Also pirate cocktail napkins. For all those civilized pirate parties.

*spam headline from this morning

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4 Responses to resurgent endearment*

  1. rwx says:

    hey, when do you set off for the distant southland?

  2. rimrunner says:


  3. brassratgirl says:

    on the evening of the 1st.

    what are you up to tonight? tommorow?

    should we get together someplace tonight? I want to see cthulhie & meestagoat, too.

  4. rwx says:

    i am free tonight, i have plans for brunch tomorrow. i also have a ticket for the heaven and hell ball. seeing them is great. g is back in town as well.


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