no longer

Am no longer a danger to myself and others. All is well. No heads were bitten off, and I’m cheerful again — yay for enough sleep & workout.

Government documents is kind of kicking my ass, not because the class is particularly difficult, but just because the amount of information to understand — if I was going to make a concerted effort to understand it — is pretty overwhelming. Educated citizen, indeed — it’s unbelievable how many reams of paper are consumed in an effort to document every friggen’ minute of the government’s workings. It’s a bit of a catch-22 — all of this documentation is in an effort to make gov’t accessible & open to the public, which is certainly admirable and necessary, but at the same time the sheer volume of stuff means that no single person can even remotely hope to absorb it all, or even a tiny sliver.


In other totally unrelated news, I am reading A Handful of Dust along with . It’s really great, if a bit depressing. The only remotely decent character in the novel gets the short of the stick over and over (one chapter is called “hard cheese for Tony”.) This may be my new favorite expression, incidentally. “It’s a bit of hard cheese for him, eh, for you to go shagging some young thing behind his back?”

Additionally, Gary Numan is on the radio. ! yay.

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