I bought some salmon-red coloured tulips for my desk at the farmer’s market on my way home from work today; then the sunset obliged by being magnificently, briefly, the same lovely color. It is the color of the hints of warmness that mean spring.

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6 Responses to tulips

  1. kenllama says:

    oh, hurray for spring! i’m ready…

    i tried calling you earlier but got a message that your phone was out of service or something. any changes recently, or was it maybe having a moment?


  2. brassratgirl says:

    hmm. maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten any calls recently 🙂

    both phones should be working but something might be out of batteries. will check.

  3. kenllama says:

    could be. the number i called ended in 0768 — i just now realized that i also have a number ending in 2551 that i could have tried too.

  4. jtglover says:

    Yay for tulips!

  5. brassratgirl says:

    they are sitting on my writing desk, inspiring me to probable (if not certain) brilliance 🙂

  6. brassratgirl says:

    ah! 0768 is dead, alas. Old cell number. I was stupid and got a local number here; then realized that everyone on earth had the 0768 number.

    will send you mail.

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