you’re ranting on the internet

… and all I hear is blah, blah, blah.

I am feeling even more snarky than usual, for many reasons*. It is a particularly bad week to ask me to do things — sorry, volunteer group that desperately needs help! I just don’t have the love right now.


We have a book in our library called Spychips : how major corporations and government plan to track your every move with RFID . That title needs an exclamation point but sadly does not have one. This is why I am glad I buy (real) science and not (social) science. I’m afraid I would be all, you want me to buy your postmodernist conspiracy theory revisionist history what?! and toss out all the slips, laughing.

At least with engineering, it’s incomprehensible but you know where you stand: it either works or it doesn’t. Sadly, it does take a lot of work to evaluate: my stack of book slips to review can be once again measured in inches.

Back to work, punctuated with occasional troll-smackdown on the interwebs. Dudes, sucks to be you.

* heartache, despair, overwork, Cthulhu, whatever.

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One Response to you’re ranting on the internet

  1. rimrunner says:

    Is SOMEone WRONG on the INTERNET?

    (Best XKCD ever.)

    I’m finally climbing out of my own particular emotional/spiritual/whateveral nosedive. Boy that sucked.

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