A time and place note

I have not been keeping up with LJ, some personal emails, facebook notes or missed phone calls; and am likely to continue that trend for the next three weeks. Chat is almost always the best way to reach me [except for the next few weeks when you should call, because I won’t be online]. I am not dead.

* Today, tomorrow — shopping for various things**, planning for Egypt, intensive proofing
* Monday: acquisitions for 2 weeks, notes from a bunch of meetings, conference reiteration, ack, packing
* Tuesday 6am: go to S. Texas beach family reunion thing
* Through Sunday: beach family thing, knocking out the book index
* Four days at home: finish book stuff, packing, at work for three days
* Night of the 10th: go to London
* London til the 13th: Wikimedia meetups, stuff, any last last minute book stuff, conferencing
* Egypt: Alex through the 20th (conference, 2 sessions to run); Cairo through the 23 (tourism)
* home
* never leaving again
* answering emails

** shopping list:
* card for grandmother
* baby shower present
* clothes for 2 hot climates, one somewhat more conservative than the other
* toiletries for above
* stomach drugs (call store)
* sockpuppet supplies — socks, wiggly eyes, felt, glue, etc [I am running a workshop on how to make them]
* new phone & phone contract
* new camera, crap
* money/cash for both trips [not “shopping” per se but whatever]

what am I forgetting?

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2 Responses to A time and place note

  1. jtglover says:

    Concentrated rest stops. Somewhere in there, try to find a spare hour or so for non-people, non-work, non-sleep, where your body can relax. Good luck. 🙂

  2. springstreet says:

    Good books to read!!

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