for my wikipedia friends:

1. What is the name for that particular kind of malaise when you just can’t be bothered to do anything? “Vandalism? Someone else will revert it. Pernicious edit war over 13th Century Persian figures? Who cares, really; they’ll sort themselves out.”

I suppose this is how most people feel about the site most of the time.

2. I am writing for the signpost this morning about Wikimania. Please feel free to add to.

3. Perhaps the best part of the conference was helping write the lyrics to, and then performing (three times, including once in a karaoke bar in Alexandria!) the new international hit I Will Revise. It’s really rather catchy.

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4 Responses to for my wikipedia friends:

  1. rimrunner says:

    I think of #1 as ennui, but I’m not sure that’s what you meant.

  2. brassratgirl says:

    Yes, ennui, but I’m hoping to coin a Wikipedia-specific term. There should be a term for when the “good samaritan” model of participating in peer production breaks down because you just can’t be bothered 😛

  3. mindspillage says:

    “anomie” is tantalizingly close, but not quite right… actually maybe that’s closer to what I feel when I get burnt out.

  4. brassratgirl says:

    that’s just what I feel when I look at AfD.

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