This dude running for president says:

“I do understand the importance of the computer. I understand the importance of the blogs,” McCain said.

“I use a computer almost every day….”*

He also uses email — by having his staff show them to him.

Well, I guess that now Stevens is getting ousted, the technical dept. of the Republican party figured they need a suitable replacement. “The blogs”, they thank you.

* emph mine.

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3 Responses to This dude running for president says:

  1. meestagoat says:

    And he can do a Google!

  2. mad_eponine says:

    In between rounds of various parlor games, Benjamin H. Grumbles shows the Senator how to skillfully cast a Google. He also–just between the two of them–shows off his vast collection of digital daguerreotypes of ladies in crotchless pantaloons.

  3. undeep_thoughts says:

    I think we can expect an ever-widening gap between the technologically addicted youth and the technologically clueless elders for at least another decade or so. As a member of generation X (i.e. somebody who is squashed between the two groups), I have to say that both sides can make grind my teeth in pure frustration.

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