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I am listening to the Democratic Convention on NPR. I have been particularly irritated with NPR lately however, not least because of their heavy coverage of what I consider to be the non-story of Clinton voters refusing to vote for Obama. Does anyone actually feel this way?* Do you feel this way? Do you know anyone who does? From what I can tell from talking to people about it, most of my close female friends voted for Clinton, are disappointed she didn’t win, but think Obama is just fine and certainly would never consider voting for McCain in her place. How could anyone with liberal values? He’s cretinous by comparison.

So what do you think? Is this a real story? Or the media attempting to make drama out of people’s well-founded disappointment that after 200 years and close to 100 years of feminism we’ve still not seen a female leader, and that the possibility seems only a little less remote after a campaign many of us were anticipating for many years? It doesn’t mean we won’t vote for Obama, who is pretty frickin’ great.

* besides that woman who apparently made that imbecilic ad for McCain, I mean.

ETA: I just sent a cranky letter to All Things Considered about it, so I suppose there might be a remote chance they air it whenever they read letters (Thursday, I think).

ETAx2: NPR sent back an autoresponse, which is fine; but it looks like their webform stripped all the apostrophes out of my text. Way to go, NPR, in making me look illiterate! Oh well.

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  1. makoshark says:

    I agree that it’s a non-story. But then most election coverage is, really. Don’t even get me started on the conventions.

  2. jtglover says:

    I personally know no one who is voting for McCain because Hilary didn’t get the nomination. I don’t think that means it’s not a story, however. I have little real idea of how people over, say, 50 will vote, and there’s a lot more of them than us. Hard-bitten old feminists who watched both Ferraro and (H.) Clinton go down in flames? I could imagine some of them going another way, just to “send a message” about what America’s Democrats really want.

    I heart Obama and all, but he’s been gradually changing his tune as the election cycle has worn on. Should he make it to office, I think many of his campaign promises will go by the by. This is always true, I know, but some of them are likely the biggies. Iraq, for instance — I don’t have faith that anyone can get us out of there easily.

  3. brassratgirl says:

    Hmm. Well, everything’s possible. But I’ve known some hard-bitten old feminists in my day, and I want some sort of proof that *any* of any of them would be so silly. I think the people in question are those much closer to the center, who might well be personally conservative but who were excited about the chance of a female president. Of course, that’s all conjecture on my part as well, because I don’t know anyone who fits that mold who would consider voting for McCain either.

    Of course Obama isn’t going to make his campaign promises. Who would? We can all hope and pray that he *will* make his biggest campaign promise, however, which is not being an idiot.

  4. joeyclaren says:

    Found a note in my phone, but I wrote your name down as “grassratgirl”. Luckily, not being able to spell someone’s username no longer means they are lost and gone forever. We met through sarah – you may remember an absurdly enormous dinner at that vegan Japanese restaurant in Berkeley.
    Trying to practice good netiquette and not directly associate real names with user names.

    And now you have some idea of how long it takes me to do even the smallest things on my list.

  5. kitty_scarboro says:

    tee hee!

  6. kitty_scarboro says:

    It is such a non-story. Just portraying woman as irrational voters — and pretty damn closed minded.

  7. randomdreams says:

    FWIW I was riding downtown today and saw five late-middle-age women in the sea of Obama supporters, who were all wearing HILLARY shirts, and two were carrying OBAMA posters/signs. I dunno if that’s really meaningful, though, since there were eight people wearing orange dungarees and black masks, and two dozen idiots laying in the middle of the street with huge rolls of red fabric stretched out from their crotch regions, with “abortion kills!!!lllone!” on their shirts.

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