dear everyone:

Is there any good news in the world right now?

Pictures of kittens or puppies, in lieu of actual good news, are perfectly acceptable.

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7 Responses to dear everyone:

  1. randomdreams says:

    Well, it has wolves and polar bears. They’re adorable, right?

  2. brassratgirl says:

    Ha! yes. Especially if one of them decides to eat Sarah Palin in revenge.

  3. susansbeeswax says:

    K. I was going to leave some baby hedgehog love, but man, I can’t beat the one up there… That’s just excellent…

  4. kitty_scarboro says:

    well, in local news — sasha and i finally organized our spice rack and labeled all the little bottles.

  5. jtglover says:

    We wife returned safe and sound from a trip to visit her folks. We had a lovely afternoon snuggling and watching movies. Didn’t think it was possible, but absence really did make the heart grow fonder.

  6. jtglover says:

    I just found out I have some other good news too!!!

  7. undeep_thoughts says:

    Good news seems pretty thin on the ground right about now… let me think….. um…….. this box has been sitting open for quite some time now…. um….. hmmmm………….

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