men in drag pushing their bicycles around town?

Why, it must be the night for Davis is Burning, the (19th!) annual drag show, put on by the oh-so-sexy (and impressively well-dressed tonight) members of Delta Lambda Phi. The tagline this year: tuck it, tape it, stuff it honey!

Sometimes I really love this little town (and the university in it). This would be a remarkable place to grow up queer in: an hour from SF, close to a campus with a strong pride tradition, and a high school that just last year elected a gay homecoming couple. Would that every place in America was this kind of awesome. (Insert obligatory no on 8 pitch here).

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3 Responses to men in drag pushing their bicycles around town?

  1. kitty_scarboro says:

    that sounds awesome.

    our votes this year in Boston are on taxes, greyhounds and pot.

  2. brassratgirl says:

    Tax the greyhounds enough and everyone gets free pot?

    Probably, not, huh. Rats.

  3. undeep_thoughts says:

    So sorry I missed it this year. I went to the dentist and all I got was a prescription for drugs that knocked me on my ass. But since it was the 19th annual, I’ll hold out hope the world doesn’t come to an end before the 20th 🙂

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