fall colors

I ride my bicycle home from campus through downtown, past several blocks of businesses — restaurants, hair salons, an Asian grocery, banks — where you see people on the sidewalk and people park their cars on the side of the street, just like in a vision of a vibrant small-town America you thought didn’t exist anymore. I like to play a little game on my ride home — counting the Obama/Biden bumperstickers on the parked cars. It’s usually one per every four or five cars. The most I’ve ever seen on this particular three-block stretch was seven. Today was a disappointing four, though I did see one “Think: it’s patriotic” sticker which I think can safely be assumed to be liberal. I have never seen a McCain sticker or sign in this town.

Thank you, small college town, for safely insulating me from the outside world.

What’s it like where you are?

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4 Responses to fall colors

  1. undeep_thoughts says:

    No McCain at all? Wow!

    Two demographic types jump out at me in Sacramento (remember, I walk a lot, but only in certain neighborhoods). First, rich people – I swear I see more McCain signs in the fabulous 40s than anwyhere else in Sacramento. Second, military people (I see military base parking stickers on their cars such as Travis AFB, etc.).

    But Sacramento is so, so different than Daivs what with all our lawyers, lobbists, and other conservative types.

  2. docsrock says:

    Your town sounds a lot like Olympia (which is why I love it here).

  3. brassratgirl says:

    Well there might be in the “suburbs” such as they are, where I try not to go. But yeah, I think Sac has all the exiled republicans! Or else Davis has all the exiled democrats! Something like that.

  4. pfctdayelise says:

    I have seen one Obama poster in a window on my walk to the train station.

    but frankly I find it odd seeing as we can’t vote and http://www.iftheworldcouldvote.com/results is sadly not binding 🙂

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