and good riddance

hello people, I am at home after epic cross-country post-xmas journey with mr. adhair, and we are staying home with zero plans for NYE because I am still sick to my stomach. We’re watching “The Lone Gunmen” and “The Thin Man.” I got food poisoning in Tucson, yuck, from a salad at a diner which sounds like a country song but really isn’t.

After three days of queasiness and inability to keep much of anything down I am losing my ability to think very well, so I say happy new year’s to all and goodbye, 2008.

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2 Responses to and good riddance

  1. jtglover says:

    OH NOES! I hope the food poisoning parts ways from you before too long, and that you have a delightful 2009. (And Thin Man FTW, of course.)

  2. kitty_scarboro says:

    I missed this post. Sorry to hear about your food sickness.

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