Who needs Mt. St. Helens when you have my rumbly tummy? I ask you. Not that you probably want to answer, or care much, but I am beginning to wonder about this food poisoning that has lasted for 36 hours and counting. Actually, stomach flu? Is possible. I just hope it goes away before I go to Minneapolis on Wed. for ACRL National.

I just finished reading A Star Named Henry by Roddy Doyle, and it was brilliant. Is about the Irish revolution which I knew little if anything about, and is told from the point of view of a boy growing up in it who becomes a gunner for the IRA. It’s had me sucked in for a week, and now it’s over.

I am busy planning for Europe. It’s hard to be very thrilled when one has an upset stomach. And I only had to go to Northgate Mall for it, let alone Turkey or eastern Europe. Clearly I should stay home for the travel experience and save my money.

There is work to do, all kinds and too much of it. I am trying to finish my portfolio and it’s not working.

I decided to take 545 — programming on a whim. It is all about XML. So, ask me in ten weeks. And I will supposedly know all about XML. And other things besides, including Javascript, which I have been meaning to learn for ages. It is online, and self-directed, which means I really probably didn’t have to pay money for these credits, but having a graded class will force me into actually learning these technologies instead of just talking about it.

Oh, god, I feel crappy. Off to bed for me.

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