no, no, I meant the *other* Cambridge!

best directions ever. See step 30. Inspired by

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4 Responses to no, no, I meant the *other* Cambridge!

  1. secretlondon says:

    I think 31 afterwards just makes it totally. Why are you going to the “terminal de grande bretagne” anyway – why not go straight to the UK rather than from ferry port to ferry port 😉

  2. susansbeeswax says:

    I’ve got a friend in Cambridge — I totally have to send this to her!

  3. randomdreams says:

    I’m guessing that there’s only one track from the US across, ending in France, and only one track across the Channel. Any map you try and run to anywhere in Europe always goes to the same place. (There’s no track at all to eg Iceland, or from the US westwards.) I know of someone who should know the answer, but haven’t gotten a chance to ask.

  4. biznamshiznit says:

    “Swim across the Atlantic Ocean”.


    Just do that, and you’ll get there.


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