not dead yet

Back from ACRL and grand, (warm!), minneapolis. It was a fun if somewhat hectic time; talking to in the airport on the way home I said that people in our shoes — just starting out — I think will always feel like we should have done more: more sessions, more meeting people, more everything. But a lot happened & I did what I could & all was well; now I have new friends and have also been inside the minneapolis institute of arts, and also I know more about teaching information literacy and building online tutorials and collecting ‘zines for your library than I did before. Also I met a person who previously held one of the jobs I am applying for (and recommended it) and more people who work at other schools I am applying to. Also met ‘s friend which was grand. Also I wore a blazer and skirt in public without having an interview for perhaps the first time ever? I am not sure I recognized myself. All in all too much fancy clothing; one or the other is sufficient but I found I had forgotten the pants I was going to wear with the blazer so blazer & skirt it was.

Libraries are funny. It’s such an odd tribe — a gathering of people who are sort of introverts and mostly bookworms and are used to feeling vaguely odd but who are also for the most part very friendly, because, well, we all like people but we are all also pretty geeky. I think if you got many more academic librarians in a room it might explode from the spontaneous combustion of all that brainpower.

Now I am eating lovely lemon cake (and thinking about how exercise is in order, as of, like, yesterday) and getting ready to take some stuff to the apartment and then go to work. I am a week or more behind in classes but oddly I don’t feel very stressed about this; I need to finish the portfolio & turn in some job apps and you know, whatever. I’m graduating in two months and can’t really be bothered to worry.


You know what one of the things I miss about not having a mom anymore is? Getting little clippings and articles sent in the mail, with notes attached like “This was interesting & I thought you would like to see. Take a look at p. 2 esp. Love, Mom.” Or: “see recent article about Turkey & pickpockets. Thought you should read considering poss. of travel. Talk to you soon. Love, Mom.” Or: “Thought this would brighten your day. Love, Mom.”

I have never gotten these kinds of things in the mail, because my mom died before I left home, but I am absolutely sure that it is the kind of thing she would have done with frequency, and it always intrigued me when people’s mothers do send such things. It is sweet and quintessentially a mom-like thing to do. These are some of the things that no one who hasn’t had that loss ever pays attention to and never realizes that they will miss in the future, which is probably just as well.

My thoughts are on AR. anyway, as I met a heap of librarians from my former alma mater, and also, randomly, got an email from one of my former English teachers working there. Would I ever consider going back? One of the science librarians asked if I would consider working at AR. and I said, well, it’s my hometown, and left it at that. There are good things and bad things. I will probably email her anyway. This conference was one big exercise in the small world department; I got talking to them anyway because of the librarians is married to one of my former English professors and I recognized her name & said to say hi to him; he led my summer in London & I think will remember me, since even then I was insatiably full of plans and personal drama.

I suppose I should go to work now and pretend to get something done with the day.

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  1. kenllama says:

    it was lovely to meet you this weekend!

    ::I think will always feel like we should have done more: more sessions, more meeting people, more everything.::

    um, how? our days were pretty chock-full as it was. only thing i could have done more of was sleep… that’s what i did today.

    did you and mr make it to the illustrated MS exhibit? it was absolutely amazing, although I’m disappointed that they didn’t have any prints, cards, etc from the old testament stuff, which I thought was generally more interesting than the NT. after art, chris and i went to a vietnamese soup place he’d found, which was also very very good.

    joy to you, and good luck with the things that await you!

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