Just another perfect day

The realization that there will be a month of days like this, light out until well after 20:30, makes me happy; we are still two weeks from the solstice and that is good.


Reasons to love Davis, part 8 of many: besides the cute young man who just zipped past me on his bicycle, hands-free and talking on the phone, and besides the excessive daylight and the fact that I am sitting under my grape arbor typing this, there is this incident, which I witnessed walking home:

On one corner, a Japanese student, crossing the street, in full Harajuku style; I’d say a variation on Gothic Lolita meets Renaissance poet. He’s on rollerblades. Zips towards campus unconcerned.

On the other corner, a redneck boy with his redneck father; they are crossing in the other direction, and the boy can barely pick his jaw up off the sidewalk to do so.

I just started laughing. Yay for California, yay for everything.

Life actually sort of sucks for me right now. But that doesn’t mean the day wasn’t good, as all days have to be, in their own way: 24 hours of miracle, that we are here and breathing at all.

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One Response to Just another perfect day

  1. rimrunner says:

    Sigh. My campus is so…bland. I see very few students (even the Japanese ones on foreign exchange) wearing anything interesting. It makes me miss UW. And/or working in downtown Seattle. Maybe I should try to get a job at Cornish, or something.

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