The most beautiful words in the English language

might just be
temporary autonomous bookstore.


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5 Responses to The most beautiful words in the English language

  1. blogdrassil says:

    Nothing this neat ever happens down here. 🙁

  2. secretlondon says:


    We still need to get our social centre back..

  3. kenllama says:

    that is fucking amazing. yes! thank you for sharing this =)

    i’ve been thinking of you lately, and even more so when Joe Janes told us all last week that librarians should be editing Wikipedia. go us.


  4. brassratgirl says:

    LOL! Where did you hear JJ speak? He totally learned about Wikipedia from me 😉

  5. kenllama says:

    Joe was in Ohio on Friday to give the keynote at the annual meeting of the Academic Library Assn of Ohio.

    Gods, I miss having his wild, creative spirit in daily life. Sitting there listening to him (was everyone else as enraptured as I?) I remembered what it was like to have class with him for a few hours a week. I need that kind of engaging, thought-provoking opportunity in my life, and there aren’t many places I find it in a flavor quite like that.

    My co-worker and I are both former students of his (in fact, we first met in his class), and as such we got to hang out with him a bit, and had lunch together. Just lovely =)

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