sightings in davis

Overheard today at Davis’ Picnic Day celebration:

“Tractor [driving? maintainance?] is totally the best class at Davis. In the final, you race around the field against your TA, and if you beat, him it’s an automatic A.”

Today was Picnic Day, and it was fabulous. So much fun. I have pictures which I may or may not get around to uploading. Things I learned: daschounds (sp?) are adorable when they race; our marching band is not as silly as Stanford’s (though ours is still pretty silly). Things I missed: the sheepdog trials; the olive oil tasting (they ran out).

After a longish period of angst, this, combined with hanging out with literally every friend I have in this area this week (not an amazing feat, but still) has made me feel considerably better about my adopted home. Re: friends: I met some awesome librarians the other night; all youngish, all academic. We were out for drinks and it made me feel almost — almost! — like being back with my iPeeps again.

But more on this later. I have conference submission reviewing to do; I’ve been harrassing everyone else to do it, so I guess I’d better do my own share now 🙂

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