everything that rises

I am sitting in a room listening to lawyers who are bloggers talking about legal blogging; there’s perhaps a quarter of the audience with laptops and the sense of mirrors within mirrors is omnipresent. Everyone is very self-conscious. Should we do this? Does it take away from real scholarship? Are we being libelous? Can we actually get away with calling addiction to this egotistical and informal writing real work? These are the questions, stated and implied, that are being asked. Mostly what I am thinking is that, as usual, law is not extraordinarily interesting to me.

In other news: I keep running across extraordinarily beautiful things in unusual or ordinary circumstances. A photograh of a book warehouse that catches my breath in the midst of a typically bombastic and boring article about the Internet; the way sunlight falls across a dusty street; an exotic flower, petals curling up like small sharp tongues. I am on edge, but in a good way.

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