how a girl spends her saturday night

Buffy and I are reviewing papers. It’s fairly entertaining, especially paired with yummy pizza and my favorite cheap Pinot Grigio.

But lest you think I win most boring Saturday night award, I spent most of today in San Francisco, where I visited City Lights, which was a personal highlight, and saw ROUS’es* in the street markets of Chinatown, and admired the fabulous views of the city that can be held when it’s sunny. Last night was spent in Berkeley. I feel cultured and tired.

Also: I am getting a washer and dryer tommorow. Delivered! To my house! I am so excited I can hardly wait. Stupid ghetto laundrymat can go hang.

Anyway, lest you should think I’m trying to get *out* of the most boring weekend award, most of tommorow is slated for conference meetings… starting at 7am. Which I scheduled, all in the name of being nice to other people. I suck. 😛

*Radishes Of Unusual Size

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2 Responses to how a girl spends her saturday night

  1. docsrock says:

    It is nice knowing that I’m not the only one who spent a pleasant Saturday evening with Buffy. 🙂

  2. brassratgirl says:

    yay! I should have called you. Cross-country Saturday night Buffy party!

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