things that I wish; in which our heroine reveals herself to be not dead after all

1) That I was getting paid for working on the conference. Would I be as dedicated, and feel as righteous about it, if I were drawing salary for this? Hard to say; what makes for a good justification for doing something?

2) That my car wasn’t still rattling, even after taking it to two (2) mechanics and having them both ‘fix’ it. They assure me it is nothing to worry about, my heat shielding is loose, it’s just because the car is a little rusty underneath and so things are not entirely held together as well as they should be. I am never buying a car that has ever been anywhere near the east coast again. The noise makes me think I am going to die, and I may have to get it actually fixed just because it’s nervewracking (if not mechanically problematic).

3) That I had gotten more sleep this week; it’s like grad school all over again, and I’m not sure of why, except maybe it’s just that in my own masochistic way I don’t know of any other way to be challenged other than doing too much all at once and giving myself eyestrain.

4) That I was better at updating my paper/online journal than I’ve been lately; lots going on, and no documentation.

5) That I could set my own schedule to a greater extent; I miss that about school.

6) That my life was always as busy and awesome as it’s been the last few weeks. There have been fun things on campus (festivals, long talks with new friends/coworkers, bookbinding class); work is pretty good; the conference is overwhelming (we’re doing “heavy lifting”, as my co-conspirator politely puts it); and I have a fabulous trip planned down south this weekend with and . Let’s hope that doesn’t jinx it! My one fear is that my car will fall apart on the way.

p.s. congratulations !
p.p.s. not only have I not been posting, I haven’t been reading. Send exciting news my way! It takes forever to catch up on two weeks of lj 😛

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  1. netsirk says:

    Hope you have a wonderful time down south this weekend!!!

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