I am extremely pleased that Oroonoko is the featured article today on Wikipedia. For one thing, Aphra Behn is a personal — if slightly fuzzy in history — hero of mine. For another thing, I started working on the Aphra Behn article years ago when I first discovered WP. I never did much with it — there’s not much that we know about her — but I do remember hoping at the time that it would someday improve, even though I didn’t know what to do about it myself. And now Oroonoko is a featured article. This kind of thing is why I am involved with the project.

In other news, see the first round of the Wikimania 2006 daily schedule*, as well as the steadily growing complete list of presenters.** The latter is, if I do say so myself, rather impressive.

Rock & roll.

* Obviously under construction; check back tonight when I should have the rest of the data in.

** For ya’ll librarians and information scientists in the audience, prominent and important names include: Larry Lessig (founder of the Creative Commons, prof at Stanford Law); Brewster Kahle (founder of the Internet Archive, etc.); Paul Ginsparg (founder of arXiv.org, the preeminent open CS and Physics preprint server); Clay Shirky (technologist and essayist on the Internet); Ben Shneiderman (visualization and HCI guru, presented at the iSchool last(?) year); Jenny Preece (professor at U. of Maryland in Information systems, studies HCI & online communities, married to Ben); Meredith Farkas (librarian, “Information Wants to be Free”, library success wiki); j Baumgart (j’s scratchpad blog; news librarian at Harvard); Rishab Ghosh (former editor of “First Monday“); Karen Christensen (CEO of Berkshire publishing, a reference work publishing house); Paul Kobasa, (editor-in-chief of World Book); Erin McKean (Editor in Chief, U.S. Dictionaries, Oxford University Press), and and Jim Giles, (reporter for Nature and Nature News, wrote the story comparing WP & Britannica).

Of course, there will also be many other attractions, including key people from the Wikimedia Foundation such as Jimmy Wales.

Early registration until July 9th
— a mere $70 for community members***, or $240 for non-community members, for 3 days of presentations, workshops, community fun, contests (with awards!) two receptions/parties and lunch… [and, just maybe, the first ever international Calvinball tournament]. You can’t beat that with a stick!

***Especially since you can become a community member simply by editing Wikipedia or any of the other projects.

yes, I am writing pr text drafts in my journal. Nonetheless, feel free to distribute far and wide.

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  1. kenllama says:

    ::Aphra Behn is a personal — if slightly fuzzy in history — hero of mine::

    Me too! i saw a production of The Rover at the Guthrie in 1994 and fell in love. Aphra Behn rocks =)

  2. brassratgirl says:

    whoa, it’s a little crazy to get a comment while I’m still editing a post 🙂

    Doesn’t she though? 😉

  3. kenllama says:

    ::whoa, it’s a little crazy to get a comment while I’m still editing a post::


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