One of my (magnificent! generous! marvelous!) co-workers gave (!) me the 2-disc collectors edition of Pirates of the Caribbean this week. Someone had given it to her, she’d watched it and found it not to her taste, and gave it to me after I made a chance comment about my obsession with the movie.

I don’t think that I can convey to her much I am enjoying watching Pirates again.. for the, hmm, fourth time now?

arrr! My only question is whether I buy tickets for the midnight sneak preview of the sequel, or go on opening day. I wish I had someone to go with 🙁

At any rate, I have a pile of busywork (transferring info to a wiki) to do for the conference, and watching pirates meanwhile makes it much, much more bearable.

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  1. anonymous says:

    So. Sequellicious or ‘orrible?

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