bacchanalia 2.0

Dudes! Dudettes! Check it out, yo! My grapes are going crazy, and they are ready to eat. I have this mad grape arbor over the front of the house. So far, it’s just provided tasty shade. But now, there is tasty fruit, too! Bunches and bunches of ripe green grapes are hanging right there, not two steps from my front door, for me to eat. And by “bunches and bunches” I mean like “fifty.” There is an assload of grapes. Now I know why people make wine; they don’t know what to do with all the damn grapes. And talk about low-hanging fruit — these things are literally at mouth level, tight bunches hanging down just like the ones you get in the supermarket. Except mine are smaller, a little sour still and more intense, and they don’t have Chilean refrigerator burn.

So this is a call to one and all — come visit me! And I will feed you grapes. Or I will fedex them to you. Or something. Otherwise, BRG’s Green Grape Extravaganza is about to become the official snack of Wikimania.

Also, I ate my first ripe cherry tomato today. Yum!

I guess I am not such a sucky gardener after all.

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3 Responses to bacchanalia 2.0

  1. kenllama says:

    now, let it not be said that i’m no fan of wine… but i’ll also remind you of the other thing to do with grapes: make raisins! homemade raisins can be a luscious wonderment.

  2. biznamshiznit says:

    Green grapes! Are they round or oblong? Seeds or seedless? How very luscious!

  3. meestagoat says:

    I love the idea of you walking around with grapes at mouth level!

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