“underweight paprika”

…reads my spam, and I have to say, it pretty well sums up my mood.

I have been on an amazing caffeine high all day long. I’ve more or less stopped drinking espresso, so when I do — hello, world! I wonder if it is possible to be so hyped up on caffeine that you start to hallucinate? Like on speed? Perhaps hallucinations that I will someday be done with all this work?

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5 Responses to “underweight paprika”

  1. rwx says:

    yes. although largely from the effects of prolonged sleep dep and not from props of caffeine. check erowid.org for details.

  2. goamaki says:

    lol! I think maybe if you drink too much, it all just cancels out. Like, you no longer feel the effects. Sort of like when you drive across country, but I know for me, if I keep drinking coffee along the way, eventually it just doesn’t work. I just need sleep. 🙂

  3. brassratgirl says:

    Excellent! I’m getting plenty of sleep, so I’m just buzzy. Trying to channel other anxieties into work.

    Apparently, “Doses of over 750 mg (7 cups of coffee) can produce all of the above as well as a reaction similar to an anxiety attack, including delirium, drowsiness, ringing ears, diarrhea, vomiting, light flashes, difficulty breathing, convulsions (extreme overdose).”

    I am here to testify, od’ing on caffeine is not super pleasant.

  4. brassratgirl says:

    mm, yes, caffeine should not be used as a substitute for sleep. Or eyestrain.

    My dad, who is prone to nearly-falling-asleep-at-the-wheel, keeps a cup of ice for long drives. He says it’s more effective; apparently difficult to fall asleep when you’re chewing ice.

  5. goamaki says:

    ooo, neat idea! so smrt.

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