things (that are not homework)

Everybody bitching about the heat should at least be happy it cools off at night here. In the south.. ha, ha.

Exciting things happened today — I got my rail passes for the trip today, and I also changed my ticket to come back a week later. That is because I learned I am presenting a paper here. Adventures for me!

I had to get three different versions of the rail pass in order to hit all the countries I am going to. Heh. No france-italy-spain for this trip (not that that doesn’t, you know, sound delightful).

I also met someone in the travel place who is from Romania. She suggested we go to Brasov but not Bucharest. Which sounds good to me; we looked at pictures and it is up in the mountains, in beautiful countryside.

She also said this interesting thing about watching people’s faces get sadder the farther east you go in Europe. It’s been hard times in those countries; I know so little, I feel so ignorant about the whole situation. My dad and I talked about it a bit; he went to Yugoslavia in the ’70s. I cannot imagine.

Re: Romania, I love serendipity. It’s what I love about travelling; it’s even better when it starts before you leave.

I got back in touch with an old, old friend that I hadn’t talked to for at least a year today. I had a very intense dream about this person last night, so I figured it was time to look them up. I’ve been dreaming about different people a lot lately, family and friends both. Whenever I dream about someone I figure that it means I should try & get in touch with them, because something is going on. And sure enough, this person was having a lot of complicated stuff in their life, and even though we just sent an email back & forth, it was good to connect. I feel like I have life-webs spread all over the country with my friends; a dream is a kind of signal along them, something is up.*

I am not normally this new-agey, I know, but sometimes it’s warrented.

Perhaps my handwavey-ness has something to do with being on the phone for six and a half hours today. I kid you not. 4 for a conference call at work (4!!!!! It was for that humungo project I’ve been working on at work for just about forever, though, so I actually had to pay attention. I’m so glad it’s over.) Then, 2.5 hours with my dad, as I haven’t talked to him in forever & there was a lot to talk about. Sheesh!

And I still haven’t called J. yet, which I planned to do tonight.

Me ear hurts.

* This same person was the one who told me last year that no matter how things turned out with S., it would be ok. They are wise, this friend. Wise and difficult and sexy. I’m glad I emailed.

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  1. bosstweed says:

    Yay for rail passes! Yay for cool conferences!

  2. goamaki says:

    I’m envious of your trip…sure to be quite the visual and sensory experience…

  3. eestiplika says:

    i have befriended you

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