today, and books, and some other things

Today I am going to see a crazy movie about a crazy librarian, Alone. We shall see if it is any good or not. It’s at 6:15 at the Broadway Performance Hall if anyone wants to meet up with me. I am dubious but still, librarian + one night stand = must see.
It is not hot today, the way it has been the last few days. All the true Seattlistas are thrilled about this, no doubt — as am I. However, I could use some more sunshine to acclimate, at least a little, before I go to the land of blazing sun and blue water.
J. is in Montenegro. Who the hell goes to Montenegro? Apparently, most of Europe — he said it was super touristy. We talked for a long time yesterday and made plans for Istanbul.
I am getting my work done, slowly but surely. I’m making progress on the moving front, as well — rented a storage unit yesterday, from a super nice woman up in Roosevelt. I figured paying a $7 or so monthly premium over prices in, say, Ballard or South Seattle was worth it to have someplace nearby to me, as I don’t have a vehicle of my own. SuperLauren got her keys for her new place the other day, so that is exciting. Things are moving along, inevitably, inexorably.
Work on the Silverfish is impeding my work on other things to a certain degree, though — I’m getting it done, but there is a lot to do for this last issue. The last issue. It is hard for me to believe that it has already been a year and now it is over and done. There’s so much more I wanted to do….
I need recommendations for a) mysteries (for J., who asked me to bring him some) and b) modern fiction, for me. I realize that due to snobbery or chance circumstances the circle of what I read, other than genre fiction (mysteries, science fiction, fantasy) ends at about 1930. I’m not sure why. I have some things I would *like* to read but they haven’t floated to the top of the list. What indisputably modern fiction (written since 1980, not genre) can you not imagine not having read in the last couple of years?

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  1. meestagoat says:

    Check out for recommendations!

  2. rwx says:

    what do you mean by genre? 🙂

    Seriously, as far as Mysteries, it’s hard to go wrong with the ‘Black Lizard’ imprint. They collect only the best for their ‘vintage crime’ serieses.


  3. wintersweet says:

    Well, I was glad I read _The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay_, even though I wasn’t a fanatic about it. But that’s actually genre if you ask me. :p

    I’m having to think hard about this…oh, Amy Tan, perhaps? Does historical stuff count? If so, Umberto Eco and Patrick O’Brian. Oh, I actually really enjoyed _Bridget Jones’ Diary_, to my surprise.

    Most of the non-genre stuff I read is non-fiction, including memoirs like _Hokkaido Highway Blues_, _Wild Swans_, and _Untangling My Chopsticks_.

  4. brassratgirl says:


    I will check it out. I am also a mystery fan, but my tastes are slightly different from J’s. I <3 vintage crime, though!

  5. springstreet says:

    When I went to Hawaii, I asked Jeanne the first year for book recommendations. I said “I liked Possession and I want something like that — dense, but not in the unreadable way; in the way that it will keep me occupied for a while.” She said:
    Fingersmith by Sarah Waters
    The Last Samurai by Helen DeWitt (nothing to do with the lame movie)

    I got them both and I was very happy.

  6. springstreet says:

    Also, I just got a cheap ($5 at B&N!) copy of Kavalier and Clay, but it’s huuuge. I’m not sure if it’d be a good travel book because it’s so damn thick. But G. has given travelers a small (as possible) copy of Cryptonomicon and I think that worked well for them (speaking of dense!). But you’ve read that already?

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