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  1. brassratgirl says:

    nb: stuffing is also known as dressing in some parts of the country. It is commonly either the filling for a roasted turkey or baked separately as a casserole & typically contains bread, vegetables, and spices chopped up. Sometimes also rice, nuts or meat. Just to be clear on what we’re talking about here.

  2. jtglover says:

    I grew up with the bread variety and detest it cordially.

    I discovered the cornbread/egg bread variety a few years ago and thing it’s the cat’s meow. I’ve had two sub-varieties since then (with and without chicken) and enjoyed both.

  3. cthulhie says:

    Bump to the cornbread stuffing sentiment. Nothing in life is better.

    Also, while I’m sure it’s in broad use elsewhere, I like the idea of using the term “bump” to mean “I agree with.” And by “like” I mean “I’m feeling clever about it and know that if I read someone else coining that term AND feeling clever about it I would hate them with a fiery passion to rival the nine hells; WEB NEOLOGISMS ARE NO LONGER FUNNY.”

    In short, I feel bad about it. But still clever.

  4. kenllama says:

    my stuffing rocks.

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