In which our heroine announces some news!

Randomly, I seem to have been telling everyone this anyway the last couple of days, so I guess I should announce it in journal-land also. Woo! I’ve been putting off telling people until I got the tickets settled, which only happened a couple weeks ago. But! I have news, dudes!

Which concerns my travel plans, which are as ridiculous as ever. For xmas this year, I am:
– going to texas/oklahoma to visit my family and dad, yay
– where I will eat too much, give and receive presents, and generally have a good time with my awesome relatives
– then! going back to the airport
– and flying to London
– where I will be from Dec. 31st-Jan 5th
– and will be hanging out with lots of friends, since apparently there are several people (completely coindentally) who are also going to london this season, and because I have many friends there, including someone to stay with, hurrah!
– on the 5th I am flying to Raleigh, where I will stay overnight
– and visit my cousin & new baby Katelyn, which is excellent, as I wouldn’t get to see them otherwise
– then going home.

Even though I am a little jaded towards travel these days,

I cannot freakin’ wait.

And if any of you reading this are some of the people that have said that you might also consider going to London for Teh Official Wik-eh-pedia New Year’s Eve 2006 Partay in London OMGZ, you should totally come, yo. Because it will be good times.

The best part is this is not actually costing me a fortune; the most expensive part is the domestic travel, which I had to do anyway. Tix to Europe over xmas are cheap! I recommend it.

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  1. netsirk says:

    Wow! That sounds, just… SO fun!!

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