internet poetry

Late at night, when I need a sense of the zeitgeist of the world, sometimes I have fun with, which is a program like tinyurl — it produces very short redirect urls out of very long ones. It produces URLs in a form as follows:
which will coincidentally take you to a report on Wikimania in Serbian. Which is awesome, especially the translation of my name. Click back and forth between Cyrillic & Latin characters for extra unicode fun.

But I digress.

RDR urls are always in the easy-to-remember form of LETTER-NUMBER. They are, furthermore, sequential. This of course means that you can spy on other people’s links., for instance, turns out to be pretty good. Most of the links are simply to long articles on various topics; tech and geek seems to dominate (a goatse tshirt turns up). There’s the odd bit of porn. Funny products on Amazon (the landcruiser tank showed up twice). Many now-broken news stories. A map to an address in Chicago, and perhaps particularly poignant, a link to’s word of the day archive, which was for Pyrrhic victory.

There is no note of who made these links, or for what purpose; no record of who bookmarked them, or of whether the address was for a party or a job interview. There is no memory of their past; the fingerprints on these links tell me nothing, like a detective looking at door handles in a crowded room.

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  1. kenllama says:

    cool! thanks, fibi 😉

  2. springstreet says:


  3. brassratgirl says:

    yes ma’am!

    sadly, I cannot retaliate with your own transliteration, as I have no cyrillic keyboard.

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