james bond? real life? you decide!

radiation poisoning of a former KGB operative, possibly politically motivated? If that’s not a plot right out of a spy novel, I don’t know what is.

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3 Responses to james bond? real life? you decide!

  1. susansbeeswax says:

    You forgot the part about him now being a British citizen & the associated political maneuvering so that this doesn’t become an international crisis/outrage! Totally out of a spy novel!

  2. mindme says:

    Radiation is a very very nasty way to kill a man. If state sanctioned, and the suspicion could only fall on the Russian state at first, attacking someone with a “dirty” weapon would be very very bad politically. If the Russians were really going to off the guy, there have to be easier ways to kill a guy without all the residual radiation. I guess he has other enemies in the underworld too.

  3. brassratgirl says:

    It will turn out to be a very, very elaborate movie promotion or something.

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